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A community all about bikes and bike culture!
We welcome photographs! Please consider your identity and privacy when posting photos online.

"I often hear now-a-days, the automobile instigated good roads; that the automobile is the parent of good roads. Well, the truth is, the bicycle is the father of the good roads movement in this country."

"...the League of American Wheelmen was formed in 1879, with each state organized as a division. The League was the first organization that promoted the building of better roads. The League fought for the privilege of building bicycle-paths along the side of public highways. The League fought for the privilege of carrying bicycles in baggage cars on railroads. The League fought for equal privileges with horse-drawn vehicles. All these battles were won and the bicyclist was accorded equal rights with other users of highways and streets."

-- Quotes by Horatio S. Earle [wikipedia]

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race."
-H.G. Wells

"For instance, the bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon."

- Bill Strickland

A Community for Bikes and "Bikes"!

Bicycles, Mopeds, Motorbikes, Mountain Bikes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Sprees all of em' and more! Tricycles, even! Quads, and three-wheelers, too! Velocipedes and other historic models as well, of course.

Do you want to show off your bike, and post a picture of your bike here? Do you want to sell, buy, or trade a bike -- and post your bike want ad here? Do you want to talk about bike repair, and post a question or an answer about bike help here?

Do you have important questions or answers about: biking safety; biking rules; or biking, traffic, and pedestrian laws for your town, state, or country? Wouldn't you like to post it all here?

Have anything to share about free-styling, stunts, or tricks?

Welcome! Do all of those things and whatever else you can think of, here. It's all free! It's LiveJournal Bikes :)

Entries of Interest

Entry for collecting links to memorable entries & list of memorable entries

Entry for Websites With State Cycling (Traffic) Laws - updated July, 2009

*NEW* The Entry Regarding Posting an Entry with Regional Links & Info and Getting it Linked to From This Page So It Doesn't Get Lost And Everybody Will Read It

*NEW* MICHIGAN Regional "Links & Info" & "Events" Entry (BTW, The Same Entry As Above)

Sites of Interest:

*NEW LINK* http://probicycle.com/
" Advocacy By Cyclists For Cyclists "
" Chainguard/ProBicycle: Cycling advocacy since 1973. On the Web since 1995. 100% volunteer. "

LiveJournal interest search for "cycling"

LiveJournal Communities: Regional Biking
atlantabike -- Atlanta, Georgia?
aware_oc -- Social Awareness in Orange County
bikes_in_boston -- Boston and Cambridge
bikenj -- Bike New Jersey
bostoncycling -- Boston cycling
detroitbikecity -- metro Detroit cycling/activism
ncbikes -- north carolina bike community
pdx_spokes -- portland, oregon bikes
rad_natti -- radical in cincinatti
radicalhouston -- radical in houston
_jadore_le_tour -- J'adore le Tour de France
ru_bmx -- russian bmx
torontobikes -- toronto biking
uk_bikers -- United Kingdoms Biking
ukcycling -- United Kingdoms Cycling

LiveJournal Communities: Biking Related
bikemessengers -- for bicycle messengers
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Offsite/WWW National Sites:

www.adv-cycling.org Adventure Cycling Association

www.adventuresports.com/asap/norba/norba.htm National Off-Road Bicycle Association
NORBA is a membership association of USA Cycling

www.usacycling.org USA Cycling

http://www.critical-mass.org/north-america.html Critical Mass (North America)

Old Skool Track -- For track bikes on city streets

www.ababmx.com ABABMX The BMX-Sanctioning Body

www.albertabicycle.ab.ca Alberta (Canada) Bicycle Association

www.bicycle-association.org.uk Bicycle Association of (Great Britain)

bike.org.il/taba (Tel Aviv, Israel) Bicycle Association

Offsite/WWW Regional Sites

United States of America
RE: U.S. Regional Links: If you're willing to submit one or two new links, try to go a bit further and submit as many links as you can from your region. There's an entry here detailing the way the maintainer would like you to go about doing this, to keep it all neat and centrally located.

www.cibaride.org Central (Indiana) Bicycling Association

www.bike411.com (New Jersey) Bicycle Association

www.raba.org Richmond Area Bicycling Association (Virginia)

www.floridabicycle.org (Florida) Bicycle Association
www.suwanneebike.org Suwannee Bicycle Association (Florida)

www.bikearkansas.com/hsba Hot Springs Bicycle Association (Central Arkansas)

www.dorba.org DORBA, (Dallas, Texas)
www.bfwweb.com/gaba GABA of (Giddings, Texas)

www.sportsfun.com/gaba/ Greater (Arizona) Bicycling Association
www.bikegaba.org GABA of (Tucson, Arizona)

www.sbhba.org Southern Black Hills Bicycling Association, (Black Hills National Park, Hot Springs, South Dakota)

www.waba.org (Washington) Area Bicyclist Association

Triathlon, anyone?

trigeeks -- Triathlon Community
training_logs -- Training Logs
myrunners -- Running Shoes
running_log -- Running Logs
runners -- Runners

(currently looking for some active, general-purpose swimming communities, please wait...)

Sites of non-interest:

www.jorba.org Jersey Off-Road Bicycling Association (A bunch of Ads and a dumb search page)

www.worldbicycle.com Some Casino Site

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