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31st-Oct-2012 04:32 pm - Koizumi Madison Taipan
Koizumi Madison Taipan — главной особенностью велосипеда является полное отсутствие подвески и наличие всего лишь одной передачи. Велосипед является одно-скоростным и очень прочным велосипедом для трюкового катания, либо специфических гонок. Он обладает сравнительно небольшим размером, оснащен очень крепкой рамой и прочными колесами, широким рулём с кроссбаром. Koizumi Madison Taipan — модный тренд и лучший выбор для городского «фристайла». Этот байк позволит постоянно совершенствовать технику катания.

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Battus philenor
My friend's license was suspended and she wants to buy a scooter in lieu of getting her license back. She thinks she will have to pay off all her tickets before she gets it back. Is that true? I can't find the answer anywhere. 

Also, is there anything she can "drive" without a license? Like a scooter? 

She lives in California.
22nd-Oct-2012 10:45 am - Blue Bomber
Велосипеды — один из самых простых и безопасных для окружающей среды видов транспорта, поэтому сотни дизайнеров работают над изобретением своих собственных вариаций на эту тему. Частенько дизайн бюджетных велосипедов прост и непритязателен, а иногда вообще отсутствует, но велик Blue Bomer не попадает под эту категорию. Дизайн велосипеда содержит всё те же классические линии, что и в начале ХХ века. Динамичный и изящный велосипед, великолепный дизайн и правильно подобранные комплектующие, легкий ход и комфортная езда — вот отличительные особенности этой модели.

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27th-Sep-2012 11:17 am - На колёсах
Появлением этого особенного транспорта мы обязаны курьерам Токио и Нью-Йорка. Их задача состяла в оперативной доставке особой корреспонденции, личных посылок и срочных писем по городу, в котором: пробки, проблемы с парковкой и бензин по цене золота. Здесь есть красота, скорость, традиции и исторические корни. В наше время фиксед-велосипеды снова на пике популярности, причем именно как городские велосипеды. Однако сегодня это не просто удобный и легкий байк — это настоящий способ выделиться из толпы. В целом, скорее всего некая свобода, ведь именно за свободу велосипеды и любят.

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23rd-Sep-2012 09:01 pm - Muscular-driven city-scooter
Abramtsevo, Russia, September 2012

This is already our fourth test-drive of muscular-driven extreme devices. See also:
  • Off-road light-duty foot-operated dacha-truck: http://youtu.be/N6m9P1nvO0E
  • Velo-Troika. Three-seater-independent-driving tricycle: http://youtu.be/KMMqI62iFQo
  • Passenger-Velo-Grasshopper http://youtu.be/7aR67TBAkUw
  • In the studio photos
  • 18th-Sep-2012 10:15 am - Любовь велосипедная
    Vitor Machado — дизайнер, воплотивший мечту детства в реальность. Взяв за основу старый велосипед, вдохнул в него новую жизнь — отремонтировал, отреставрировал, покрасил и дополнил аксессуарами. Для ценителей ретро-стиля и любителей современных технологий с тонким вкусом создан велосипед, сочетающий в себе эти характеристики. Велосипеды давно стали обычным, ежедневным и удобным средством передвижения по городу. Поездка на таком классическом велосипеде не утомляет спину и приносит море удовольствия. Велосипед отлично сочетает в себе хорошее качество и привлекательный винтажный внешний вид.

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    3rd-Sep-2012 11:43 am - Hoping to buy a scooter. Any tips?
    Hi group, how are you. Your absentee maintainer, here. Hope everything's been going smoothly, I haven't been logging in much since college started a couple of years ago.

    Considering how expensive the housing market is around here, and considering that I'll barely be able to afford attending university when I start there, perhaps next year, I decided against getting an apartment. I'm just going to continue doing the homeless thing while I go on to pursue my Master's and Ph.D.

    So, I decided to expand my horizons by getting some independent transportation. I settled on the idea of a motor scooter. Mainly for the high MPG, also because they're cheaper than motorcycles for the most part. Small motorcycles seem to be price, at the bottom end, just around the top end for small scooters. The prices look nice and low. I was thinking of spending between $1500 - 2000 on a decent scooter. I'll just rent a storage unit to keep it in when I retire to the homeless shelter at night. I'll probably get a weather cover for parking it at school (dunno where I'll keep it, though).

    The problem with me is the definition of "Decent". I would like to take this scooter a couple of counties away to visit relatives, as a regular trip. I also need to use it most days of the week as regular transportation around-town, especially to school.

    So one thing I'm looking for is reliability. And for me, that means Chinese assembly is completely out, with Chinese manufacture right behind it. I'd prefer never to buy anything that's made in China, period, actually. So I'm looking at Taiwanese scooters.

    Another thing I'm looking for is top speed. If I want to take it on the highway, I'd like to. So I expect the top speed to be 65mph or over. However, I really prefer the MPG to be higher, and when you start getting up around 65mph, the average MPG claim seems to be around 80mpg or so. That of course refers to a perfectly-tuned vehicle operating inside of a space-age testing facility.

    So I'm kind of looking at this, and that, and the other, trying to get a feel for a good purchase. I'm only interested in buying new, because I personally don't want to get into personal, at- "home" maintenance right now, maybe in a couple of years, so a 2-year warranty will go nicely.

    Does anyone here have any recommendations? I know the community is primarily focused on bicycles at the moment. But I've wriggled out of that, and I've always wanted the community to be able to focus on any sort of non-car transportation (including push-scooters which are more like skateboards than bikes, aren't they?)

    I'm also interested in your thoughts about the *legal* viability of riding a scooter on the highway. I know, I could always take backroads, and in Michigan, the entire state is criss-crossed with these old "survey" or "logging" (or whichever term you'd like to use) roads that divided the entire state up into "palettes" since way back when. Anywhere you'd like to go, there is a straight line east or west and a straight line north or south to get into the general vicinity of that area. The vast majority of those roads, however, are neither paved, nor do they pass through towns or even villages. So, while that's an option, it'll take me awhile to select the sort of path to take.

    Usually, when the back roads are being used by loads of people for long enough, some township or other local government takes it on themselves to pave a certain trip (including specific turns) and to leave the rest dirt. Maybe I'll locate one of those commuter trips. Not the greatest idea, in Michigan, considering how people drive around here, but if my bike is loud like a giant mosquito maybe they'll be looking before they take the turn.

    Meanwhile, there's the whole cop consideration. Even if my bike is legal to ride on the highway, with all the correct equipment attached, the right size engine (I'm looking into 200cc or so) and going the right speed limit, that doesn't mean a cop isn't going to stop me, say "what the hell are you doing" and write me a ticket, which means I'll probably have to miss some school to go to court to argue that I was within the law and get the ticket dropped, only to go through it all again some time later. Is there a way around that? Can I get a signed paper from the secretary of state stating explicitly that my vehicle has been approved for freeway use?

    If anyone has any advice, please comment. Also, please comment on any other subject that you'd like to bring up to the maintainer.
    17th-Aug-2012 10:41 pm - Olympic Bump !
    Hello Bikers.

     Sorry if you have already known it but, I just found out today that IOC has uploaded entire coverages of their events (all the games from pre to final, opening, closing ceremony...etc) on their Youtube account. This means you can enjoy entire MTB, BMX, Triathlon, or any kind of bike related games from this year's Olympic again ! Great ! Isn't it ?
    I'm especially looking forward to see entire MTB games (Gunn-Rita Dahle joined the game again...and I'm kinda fan for her). Hope you like it too ^_^
    29th-Jul-2012 01:10 pm(no subject)
    Thought I'd share some video of riding a bicycle along Coast Highway in one of the more congested parts of the San Diego coast is like...it is not for those who are not aware and alert, but is typical of what would be a bicycle tour down the coast.

    7th-Jul-2012 04:37 pm(no subject)
    В Бресте мы сняли десяток велороликов и выложили их на ютуб.
    Видюхи призывают обычных людей пересаживаться на велосипеды.

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